3voor12 (Rob Acda awards)

“Chef’s in Metal, in white shirts: this is Trip Trigger. With an alternate singer and a new Keyboardist since September, the bands major enemy is the venue’s shrill sound. An eye catcher is the bass player, who plays a six-string bass. The rather unusual organ-sound, instead of the synthesizer sound which so often defines metal is an interesting twist. Trip Trigger is a band with a cookbook. There is a clear recipe to the songs. The second song starts out as a ballad, but ends like a thunderstorm. The calm and rough moments interchange constantly. But a fat groove keeps it all in place.”

Source: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/artikel/44467320


"Chefkoks in metal Metal met witte blousjes: hier is Trip Trigger. Met een vervangende zanger en sinds september een nieuwe toetsenist heeft de band vooral te lijden onder het schelle geluid in de zaal. Wat ook opvalt is de bassist die op een zessnarige basgitaar speelt. De vrij ongewone orgelsound in plaats van de voor metal zo typerende synthesizer is een leuke twist. Trip Trigger is een band met een kookboek. Er is een duidelijke receptuur te herkennen in de nummers. Het tweede nummer begint als ballad, maar eindigt als een storm. De rustige stukken en hardere beuk momenten wisselen elkaar veelvuldig af. Maar de vette groove houdt het geheel goed in gareel."

Bron: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/artikel/44467320


Trip Trigger - Autononymous

Trip Trigger is a relatively young Dutch band, which describes their music as a combination of Progressive Rock, Metal with a dash of funk. According to their webpage they are influenced by bands like Tool, Muse, Porcupine Tree, Incubus, David Bowie and Rush. Quite a couple of big names in their respective genres. Before listening to this album I didn’t had any clue what a mixture of said influences could have as an end result.
The influences of the guys can definitely be found on this album, especially Porcupine Tree, Tool and Incubus have heavily influenced their sound. The result is a modern rock album with indeed a progressive touch. This touch can especially be found in the keys of Erik van Ittersum who also produced the album. The keys are sometimes a bit too much in front of the music (I miss the guitars a bit), but it doesn’t irritate one bit.
In Joost Kralt the band has found a very interesting singer. His clean vocals have depth and he doesn’t shy away from a stretched tone here and there (just listen to ‘Trial And Error’ to see what I mean). Maybe I would like to see a more darker side to his vocals so he could change it up a bit, but that could easily be the metalhead in me. Nevertheless he has an outstanding voice and I wonder why no other Dutch band has recruited this guy. According to their biography his talents are found more or less accidentally, which means that there’s even more room to grow!
The rhythm section comprised of Paul Hoogervorst and Bjorn van der Ploeg (also Ethereal) keeps everything in line with some interesting riffs and fills. Especially in ‘Mirrored’ they show their capabilities. If you listen carefully with headphones on you can hear some nice bass riffs of Bjorn and the way that Paulgives counterweight to the keys is admirable.
I can conclude that these guys surprised me a bit. For the first time in a while the mentioned influences and musical style are spot on and the songs are very well written and produced. It’s too bad that this is just an EP, hopefully a full length will be on the horizon!